Compact Disc Printing Specifications

Positive film emulsion, up right reading is required to screen-print CD labels.  Artwork received in any other form will incur an additional charge.
Camera-ready label art must conform to CD printing area specs.  Exceptions are Full Coverage or PictureDisc™ printing.
Full Coverage and PictureDisc™ label art or film must have center hole and stacking ring knocked out of the film or art.  These areas can not be printed.
Depending on the type of art, PictureDisc™ should be screened at 65, 85, or 120 lpi.
All ink colors must be clearly stipulated with each label, otherwise orders will be delayed until color choices are confirmed.  Refer to the Standard Color List or choose custom Pantone® colors.

Legend Metric Diameters Description
A 12.0 cm Outer edge of the CD
B 11.8 cm Outer edge of reflective coating
C 11.6 cm Outer limit of printable area
D 4.6 cm Outer edge of ID mirror band
E 4.1 cm Inner edge of ID mirror band
F 3.4 cm Stacking ring
G 2.0 cm Inner limit of printable area
H 1.5 cm Outer edge of center hole

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Standard Printing Full Coverage
cdr_label_spec2.gif (2502 bytes) cdr_label_spec3.gif (2564 bytes)

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