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Danex Corporation Proudly Announces

The worlds most trusted and reliable copy protection

By available for exciting new
formats and applications, including:
Video, Audio, Documents, Presentations...

What is SafeDisc
SafeDisc® protects CD-ROMs and the information they contain from unauthorized replication or copying, requiring users to purchase legitimate copies.

With over 140 million discs protected to date, Safedisc® is the world’s most successful, effective, and widely used copy protection solution.

After SafeDisc


Make copy

Copy will not work


How does SafeDisc work
Safedisc® was designed to protect applications, but special techniques now allow the protection of some data files as well. The list of files affording themselves to protection include:

Windows® Media Player files

Word documents

Excel spreadsheets

Powerpoint presentations

Portable Document Format (PDF) files

The list is growing. Please contact us about special research.

Why you need SafeDisc
With the increased availability and reduced cost of CD-R writers, copying has never been easier.

Protects against unauthorized CD copying with a CD-R burner

Stops a professional mastering company from re-mastering the CD-ROM

Prevents users from copying the contents of a CD-ROM to their hard drives and removing the original CD

Stops users from running the product over a network from networked CD-ROM drives

Improves sales and revenues and opens new markets

Danex is committed to
protecting your
intellectual property!


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