Compact Disc Formats

Compact discs exist in a multitude of formats derived from a combination of four underlining standards defined by a specific book color:

Red Book standard defines audio applications on compact disc
Yellow Book defines CD-ROM
Green Book defines CD-Interactive (CD-I)
Orange Book define CD-Recordable (CD-R)

Each of the standards defines its own format while the combination of standards gives rise to others. This is the reason such peculiar technologies as Bridge Disc, Mixed-Mode, and CD-I Ready exist. The process of preparing formats to be recorded to disc is called pre-mastering.

Some of the unusual formats are difficult to manage, let alone duplicate, without insight into the structure of a compact disc. Most jobs, however, simply require CD-ROM (Mode 1), a process only slightly more involved than diskette duplication. When considering your CD project, remember, you may either choose to do your own pre-mastering or let us help you.

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