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Compact disc's are undoubtedly the most popular mechanism for software distribution today. And with the exploding base of CD-ROM drives, they have become the most cost-effective distribution method of today's larger applications. CD's exist in numerous and sometimes confusing formats. However, CD's allow for quick(er) installations and data retrieval.

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Duplication occurs in two ways. In either case, the data and resulting format on the CD is identical.
Stamped CD's are produced by high pressure injection molding from a nickel-plated master.
"One-offs" are CD-Recordable's (CD-R) that are individually burned by a CD writer attached to a personal computer. The data (or image file) is written to the CD-R from the computer's hard disk.

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When considering CD versus diskette replication, remember that, depending on the quantity, CD's are generally more cost-effective for applications requiring more than 3 or 4 diskettes. In addition, falling manufacturing prices are making CDR's a viable alternative to stamped CD's, even in large quantities.

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